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        An Arithmosophy book! I kept moving this book around. A friend of mine gave it to me for my 18th birthday, but I couldn't manage to open it.
He knew that my relationship with math wasn't exactly what we call of love, so I kept looking at him puzzled, asking myself the reason for this gift .

         “I know that you like philosophy” he said “I hope you like it”.
I did read a lot of books and articles about it but Arithmosophy? I didn't even know what was it!
Finally, one day, I decided it was time to start reading it and I found myself captivated by what I call the fascination of the numbers.
Names, last names of friends and family and every single person I met in my life were “interpreted” using the particular method I've been elaborating through the years.

         So, every time I write a personal numerological profile, I do so with the conscience and the respect of who, for a moment, shares with him her what we often forget: each one of us is unique and unrepeatable.

         The results, in all these years have been encouraging and that book, the book given to me by my friend, has a special place in my bookcase and it is, as you can imagine, my lucky charm.

Vicky Vicario