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Definition and considerations about numerology

To choose a name for a child is never easy. Sometimes we call him like his grandfather, sometimes like someone that meant a lot in our life, or like our favorite actor. More likely we look up on that "baby names" book a friend gave us when she found out we're pregnant.

So, it can happen that, at our seventh month of pregnancy, we just read the A and B chapter. But, when rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night, (yes, babies sometime come earlier that what we expect) we just look at each other bewildered, asking: "So, what are we going to name him?" Eventually a name comes up, without a particular reason an all of a sudden we make up our minds: " We'll call him…" Is it pure chance?

For numerology choosing a name for a child is instead a very relevant moment of his life; in fact imposing a name, we give him a whole series of characteristics, expressed by the meaning of the name and by the essence of it.
A name in fact, expresses mainly his character and, for the oriental culture, his Karma.
Let's not forget also that the letters composing the name have a whole sound, a vibration that, like the hypnotic commands or the Mantra, hides an extraordinary strength that will come out every time we introduce ourselves.

A name holds the essence of a person. Who studies this topic will find the psychological characteristics, how he relates with others, his actions and even his predisposition for his destiny.When we have a child, when we give him a name, we make him an individual, totally separated from the others and, recognizing him as ours, we consolidate his identity and his uniqueness.

So when we call someone by his name we do a very common but important action, because, in reality, we acknowledge him and his existence.
Numerology, even when recognizing the free will, allows us to be aware of the conditions we are subjected to and, hopefully, to get rid of them, representing a precious instrument of awareness that will teach us how to face the obstacles we'll find on the road of our life.

This discipline gives to every letter of the alphabet, a number with a specific meaning.
Your name and last name can be expressed in a numeric combination that equals to a translation in another language and that leads to a "basic" value.
This value for numerology has its own vital strength transmitted by specific "vibrations" and is able to influence our behavior.

Practically, we substitute all the vowel and consonants of our name and last name with the correspondent number, based on the scale shown below, which is the most used by who studies numerology:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

The numbers we use go from 1 to 9. To every number belong three letters except for the # 9, which have only two letters: I and R.

Example: ANNA BIANCHINI - Using the scale above, the numeric combination correspondent to the name and last name will be:

1 5 5 1 2 9 1 5 3 8 9 5 9

The result of the adding of the numbers (1+5+5+1+2+9+1+5+3+8+9+5+9) is 63.
Adding and reducing 63 (6+3) to a number between 1 and 9 we have a 9, which is the basic number for Mrs. Bianchini. This number reveals approximately, like we said before, the personality, potentiality, weakness and behavior related to others. More studies allow us to make an even more detailed profile of our character, our partner's or associate how to seduce the person we like, how to find the right employee or for many other uses.

We do use a different approach for the nicknames and Alas. If we normally use or we are known with a different name from the registered one, we have to take it into account. The first is the "duty" our parents gave us, the second one gives us indication about the kind of relations we have or we could have with people and environment we normally frequent.
Same story is for women who introduce themselves with their husband's last names: they will have to consider the result of the adding of the single last name numbers with the married ones.

Behind our name, last name and date of birth of each one of us is hiding a mystery that numerology is capable of unrevealing: would you like to find out?


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